AGS Reference Guide
to Refurbished Equipment
BKBDBackboard included
BPBumper Pool
COIN-OP / CNCoin-Operated - Coin-mechanism is included.
CONVERSION / CONV.Conversion Cabinet - The game is NOT in the original cabinet made by the manufacturer. Usually a game is placed in an "after market" cabinet in order to preserve the game due to faults or malfunctions with the original cabinet. 
CTPCountertop - Most of the time this will refer to a countertop video game which are often seen in restaurant bars or pubs.
DBA / DBDollar Bill Acceptor
DED / DEDICATEDDedicated Cabinet - The game is still in the original cabinet made by the manufacturer. This is the opposite of a Conversion Cabinet. 
DISPDispenser (I.E. - ticket "dispenser" for redemption games)
emElectro Mechanical
FUNCOType of Conversion Cabinet
HUOHome Use Only
JAPAN / JAP / JPIndicates game was manufactured in Japan. The game usually includes Japanese graphics (stickers) as well as Japanese language and/or text.
MARS / MARSDBType of Dollar Bill Acceptor. In our opinion, one of the best choices on the market.
PL / PLYRPlayer
PRNTR / PRTPrinter
S/WSoftware - Usually refers to the software that is included with the game but can also mean the listing is JUST for the software and not the actual game itself.
SDSit-down - Refers to video games where the player sits down to play the game. Driving games are good examples.
SHOWCASE / SHWShowcase - Refers to a game that has been upgraded to a Showcase Editon cabinet which is usually larger and more costly. Some Showcase cabinets are conversion cabinets so always ask if this is not stated in the description.
SPR / SUPRSuper / Supreme - see "SHOWCASE" for explanation
SVGAType of monitor. A bit more functional than it's counterpart, the "VGA" monitor.
TKTTicket - Machine accepts redemption tickets
TOURN / TMTTournament - Refers to a game that has the ability to go online and compete in Tournaments or League Play against other players across the US. Cabinet is usually larger than it's standard counterpart, the "Non-Tournament." A fee is always involved when a player connects online so always make sure you understand the costs associated with Tournament Play beforehand.
TWINTwo Seats - Refers to a video game that includes two seats - the ability for 2 people to play at the same time. For example, "Initial D3 2Pl/Twin" means that the price listed INCLUDES 2 seats (1 per player).
U/R or UPR.Upright - Refers to video games where the player stands up to play the game.
USAManufactured in the United States. Opposite of "JAPAN" above.
VGAType of monitor.

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