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Last Updated: 05/26/2008

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Inventory List Last Updated: 05/26/2008

Pinball Machine Price Manufacturer Year Description
Addams Family Pinball (Used) $5,249.00 Bally 1992 all time classic, beautiful machine
Ali Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Stern 1979 cult classic, Muhammad Ali
Alien Star Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1983 multiball, space theme
Amazon Hunt Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1983 classic pin that everyone wants
Arena Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1988 multiball…sword and sorcerer theme
Atlantis Pinball (Used) $2,549.00 Bally 1988 multiball, talks
Attack From Mars Pinball (Used) $5,149.00 Bally 1997 classic, not an import
Bad Cats Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Williams 1990 Cat Lovers Dream
Bad Girls Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1989 multiball, talks, pool table theme
Batman Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Data East 1990 based on the first movie
Baywatch Pinball (Used) $3,049.00 Sega 1995 multiball/ TV voices
Big Game Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Stern 1979 wide body
Big Guns Pinball (Used) $2,549.00 Williams 1987 multiball, talks
Big House Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1989 Talks, multiball, prison theme
Big Hurt Baseball Pinball (Used) $3,449.00 Gottlieb 1995 3 Flippers, 4 ball multiball, moving glove, 3 ramps
Black Hole Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Gottlieb 1980 2 level, talks. multiball, classic
Black Jack Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Bally 1978 card theme 
Black Knight 2000 Pinball (Used) $2,445.00 Bally   Full Restoration
Black Knight Pinball (Used) $3,745.00 Bally 2000  
Black Pyramid Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Bally 1983 swinging target in center
Bride of Pinbot Pinball (Used) $3,149.00 Williams 1990 sequel to the classic!
Buck Rogers Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1979 space theme
Catacomb Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Stern 1981 Rare, small playfield in head
Centaur Pinball (Used) $3,745.00 Bally   new playfield, cabinet repaint, plastics, etc.
Champion Pub Pinball (Used) $3,745.00 Bally   Collector's Quality
Checkpoint Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Data East 1991 Car Racing, Multiball
City Slickers Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1987 multilevel, gangster theme
Cleopatra Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1977 collectable
Close Encounters Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1978 space theme
Congo Pinball (Used) $3,749.00 Williams 1996 Multilevel, multiball
Corvette Pinball (Used) $3,550.00 Bally 1994 Excellent condition
Counterforce Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1980 space theme, wide body
Cue Ball Wizard Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Gottlieb 1992 talks, multiball
Cybernaut Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Bally 1984 multilevel
Deadly Weapon Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1989 multi-ball, spy theme
Defender Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Williams 1981 very rare pinball version
Demolition Man Pinball (Used) $3,149.00 Williams 1994 talks, multiball, stunning effects!
Devil's Dare Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1982 talks, multiball, fast!
Diner Pinball (Sample - Used) $2,445.00 Bally    
Diner Pinball (Used) $2,445.00 Bally   Early sample machine featuring Diamondplate playfield, yellow wire forms, 1 or 100)
Dirty Harry Pinball (Used) $3,549.00 Williams 1995 multiball, Clint's real voice, great action
Dr Dude Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Williams 1993 Bram Stokers version
Dracula Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Stern 1981 rare Bruce Lee inspired
Dragonfist Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Bally 1990 Lots of toys, multiball
Earthshaker (Sample) Pinball (Used) $3,745.00 Bally   Early sample featuring: sinking building, tons of new parts and cabinet art
Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Bally 1977 classic with Fonzie
Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball (Used) $4,249.00 Bally 1981 custom made cocktail table
Eight Ball Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Bally 1981 all time classic
Escape From the Lost World Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Bally 1988 talks, multiball, multilevel
Evel Knievel (Full Restoration - Used) $3,745.00 Bally 1977 classic
Evel Knievel Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Bally 1977 Full Restoration, NOS Playfield
F-14 Tomcat Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Williams 1986 multilevel, very popular
Firepower II Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Williams 1983 multiball
Flash Gordon Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Williams 1978 classic
Flash   Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Bally 1981 talks, multilevel
Flight 2000 Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Stern 1980 multiball, wide body
Frankenstein Pinball (Used) $3,349.00 Sega 1993 based on movie, multiball, talks
Freefall Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Stern 1981 rare
Funhouse (Full Restoration - Used) $5,745.00 Williams 1990  
Funhouse (Original Condition - Used) $3,245.00 Williams 1990 Cabinet art, playfield overlay
Future Spa Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1980 wide body
Genesis Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1986 multiball, mad scientist theme
Getaway - High Speed 2 Pinball (Used) $2,345.00 Bally   sword/dragon/multiball/ speech
Gladiators Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Gottlieb 1994 sword/dragon/multiball/ speech
Gold Wings Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1986 multiball
Gorgar Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Williams 1980 collectable--first talking pinball
Grand Lizard Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Williams 1986 multiball
Hard Body Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1988 multilevel, multiball
Harley Davidson Pinball (Used) $4,449.00 Stern 2003 highly collectable, 3 levels, wide body
Hollywood Heat Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1986 multiball
Hook Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Data East 1991 multiball, talks
Hot Shots Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Premier 1989 Multiball, Talks, Carnival Theme
Incredible Hulk Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Bally   Excellent condition
Indiana Jones Pinball (Used) $4,245.00 Gottlieb 1979 highly collectable, new logic board
Jacks to Open Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1984 Poker theme, a collectable classic
James Bond 007 Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Gottlieb 1980 now very collectable
Johnny Mnemonic Pinball (Used) $2,445.00 Williams 1996 Excellent condition
Judge Dredd Pinball (Used) $3,049.00 Bally 1993 talks, multiball
Junk Yard Pinball (Used) $4,949.00 Williams 1996 Now a classic, wrecking ball smashes cars
Jurassic Park Pinball (Used) $2,445.00 Data East    
Kings of Steel Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1982 card theme
KISS Pinball (Used) $3,949.00 Bally 1979 super collectable!
Lady Luck Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Bally 1985 card theme
Laser Ball Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Williams 1980 wide body
Laser Cue Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Williams 1984 pool table theme
Laser Wars Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Data East 1988 stereo, multiball/talks space theme
Last Action Hero Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Data East 1992 multiball/talks/moving crane
Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Data East 1992 talks, multiball
Lightning Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Stern 1980 multilevel, multiball, talks
Lights! Camera! Action! Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Gottlieb 1990 without top floodlights, $1799
Lord of the Rings Pinball (Used) $5,249.00 Stern 2006 BRAND NEW! Special X-Mas Run
Lost World Pinball (Used) $1,845.00 Bally 1977 widebody
Mario Andretti Pinball (Used) $3,349.00 Gottlieb 1996 car racing theme/multiball
Mars God of War Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1980 multiball, talks, double backglass
Mati Hari Pinball (Used) $2,549.00 Bally 1978 classic
Maverick Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Sega 1995 card theme/multiball/talks
Memory Lane Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Stern 1978 old fashioned feel, original chimes for sound
Meteor Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Stern 1979 space theme
Monopoly Pinball (Used) $4,270.00     Used Monopoly Pinball
Monster Bash Pinball (Used) $5,645.00 Bally    
Monte Carlo Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1986 multiball, roulette wheel
Motordome Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1986 Motor Cycle Theme
Mystic Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Bally 1980 Magic Theme
Nascar Pinball (Used) $5,149.00 Stern 2005 exciting NEW pinball based on the popular sport
NFL Football Pinball (Used) $6,749.00 Stern 2000 Jets theme, other teams by special request
Night Moves Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1992 cocktail table pinball
Nightmare on Elm Street Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Gottlieb 1994 talking Freddy Head!, multiball
Panthera Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1980 computer controlled targets
Party Animal Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Bally 1987 collectable
Party Zone Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Bally 1991 Moving head, 2 ball multiball
Pennant Fever Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Williams 1985 pitch and bat
Phantom of the Opera Pinball (Used) $3,749.00 Data East 1990 Fabulous music score, now a classic
Phoenix Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Williams 1977 Good Basic Pinball
Pinball Pool Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1979 collectable - pool theme - new plastics
Pinbot Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Williams 1986 All time classic with 2 ball multiball, ramps, speech
Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball (Used) $5,149.00 Stern 2006 BRAND NEW IN CRATE
Playboy Pinball (Basic Restoration - Used) $2,749.00 Bally 1979 collectable
Playboy Pinball (Full Restoration - Used) $4,245.00 Bally 1979 Looks new
Playboy Pinball (Used) $4,449.00 Stern 2002 Lots of toys, Hugh's voice
Power Play - Bobby Orr Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Bally 1978 4 flipper design with up-post and chime unit
Punk Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1982 rare, only a few made
Raven Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1986 pop up snipers
Rescue 911 $2,699.00 Gottlieb 1994  
Revenge From Mars Pinball (Used) $4,949.00 Bally 1999 Pinball 2000, like new
Road Kings Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Williams 1986 talks, multiball
Road Show Pinball (Used) $3,045.00 Williams 1994 Excellent condition
Robowars Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1988 multiball, fabulous play, space theme
Rock Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1986 rock and roll theme
Rolling Stones Pinball (Used) $3,949.00 Bally 1980 Classic, rock and roll theme collectable
Royal Rumble Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Data East 1993 Wide body, Multiball, Hulk Hogan
Shadow, The Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Bally 1995 multiball, multilevel, talks
Shaq Attack Pinball (Used) $3,049.00 Gottlieb 1995 talks, multiball
Simpson's Pinball Party (Used) $3,599.00 Stern 2004 Mint condition
Slugfest Pinball (Used) $2,045.00 Williams 1990 pitch and bat
Solar Fire Pinball (Used) $2,549.00 Williams 1981 rare, multilevel
Space Invaders Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Bally 1980 classic wide body
Space Jam Pinball (Used) $2,445.00 Data East   Michael Jordan's movie
Space Shuttle Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Williams 1984 classic game
Space Station Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Williams 1988 multiball, talks
Speak Easy Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Bally 1982 card theme, with spinning wheel, unusual
Special Forces Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1987 multilevel, multiball
Spectrum Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Bally 1982 limited run
Spiderman Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Gottlieb 1980 classic, widebody
Spring Break Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1987 multiball
Star Trek Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Bally 1979 based on feature film, great artwork
Star Trek: Next Generation Pinball (Used) $3,750.00 Williams 1993 based on feature film, great artwork
Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball (Used) $5,749.00 Williams 1999 Fabulous play, video effects
Stars Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Stern 1977 great basic pinball
Street Fighter 2 Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Gottlieb 1994 multiball/smash the car with ball!
Striker Extreme Pinball (Used) $3,749.00 Stern 2000 soccer theme
Strikes and Spares Pinball (Used) $2,449.00 Gottlieb 1995 shuffle bowling style
Strikes and Spares Pinball (Used) $1,745.00 Capcom   Bowling style pinball set up for smaller kids, legs can be adjusted for standard height
Superman Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Atari 1980 classic collectable
Supersonic Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Bally 1978 simple play, kids go nuts for this game
Swords of Fury Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Williams 1989 fabulous music and multiball
Ted Nugent Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Stern 1979 Highly collectable rock theme
Teed Off! Pinball (Used) $3,249.00 Gottlieb 1992 multiball, golf theme..talking gopher on top
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Data East 1991 rotating pizza in center of playfield
Terminator 2 Pinball (Used) $2,345.00 Williams 1994 Based on the movie, moving gun, lots of speech
Theatre of Magic Pinball (Used) $3,745.00 Williams 1983 rare, limited production
Time Fantasy Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Williams 1979 banana flippers
Time Warp Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Bally   Excellent condition
Torpedo Alley Pinball (Used) $2,649.00 Data East 1988 Beautiful colors, multiball, stereo
Touch Down Pinball (Used) $2,149.00 Gottlieb 1983 football theme
Tri Zone Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Williams 1979 space theme basic pinball
Twilight Zone Pinball (Used) $4,749.00 Bally 1994 highly collectable…nice condition
Tx Sector Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1987 multiball, speech
Vacation Pinball (Used) $2,749.00 Chicago Gaming 2004 like new showroom model
Vegas Pinball (Used) $2,349.00 Gottlieb 1989 Casino theme with multiball
Victory Pinball (Used) $2,249.00 Gottlieb 1987 many ramps
Viper Night Driving Pinball (Used) $4,249.00 Sega 2001 Blacklite playfield, popular car theme
White Water Pinball (Used) $3,449.00 Williams 1993 Two playfields and animated bigfoot
Who Done It? Pinball (Used) $3,749.00 Williams 1994 mystery theme
Wild Fyre Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Stern 1978 old fashioned play action
Wipe Out Pinball (Used) $3,349.00 Gottlieb 1993 Snow Skiing Theme
World Cup Pinball (Used) $2,049.00 Williams 1978 soccer theme kids go nuts for this game!
World Tour Pinball (Used) $2,949.00 Alvin G. & Co 1991 rock and roll themed…GREAT!!
WWF Royal Rumble Pinball (Used) $2,849.00 Data East 1993 Hulk Hogan, multiball, talks

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